Q. What finger should I wear the ring on?

A. We recommend wearing the ring on the index finger of your non-working hand. That way it is closest    to you and you don’t have to go over any fingers to get to the ring. The thumb could also be used to hold the ring.

Q. The ring is too small to fit on my finger.

A. To create a larger ring size, gently pull the prongs of the ring apart to open it up a little.

Q. How do I keep the liquids used in the well insert from spilling?

A. When using liquids in the well insert, adjust the ring to sit on the side of your finger so it is held in a more level position.

Q. What is the best technique to use to remove debris from my instrument tips?

A. When using the foam insert to remove debris from your instrument, use a press and roll motion onto the foam. Don’t be afraid to use a little pressure.

Q. How do I sterilize the ring?

A. The ring is absolutely autoclavable. It can be in temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. We recommend putting a ring in each instrument pack, so you always have one on your tray.