About Us

The Freehand Ring was developed by Alisha and Jeremy Luman. Alisha, a dental hygienist, realized a need for a more efficient, safe and time-saving alternative to the traditional way of cleaning debris from instrument tips during instrumentation. This spawned the original design which included the foam insert only. Realizing their original concept could be taken even further, they researched designs in which the Freehand Ring could also hold substances like pastes, liquids and gels that are to be applied into the oral cavity, and they arrived at the Dual Well concept. After multiple trial-and-error processes, they fine-tuned the final product design and the Freehand Ring was born. Although the original product concept specifically had dental hygienists in mind, the Freehand Ring has enormous flexibility and can be utilized by any dental professional, especially when working alone.
Pura Dental Products, LLC was created to bring the Freehand Ring and other future dental product innovations to market, and is currently the distributor of the Freehand Ring out of Scottsdale, AZ. Alisha has been working in the dental field since 2001, starting as a dental assistant and becoming a dental hygienist in 2010.